Two Rivers Walk

With option of three return routes varying from 10km to 11.3km

All distances are approximate and are for guidance only

Written by Trevor fuller

Starting from the Anchor car park leave the car park and cross the bridge to your left to then turn right and walk along river bank for2.6km to the Cock Up bridge and foot bridge. Continue along the river bank for1.5km to a lake in the junction of the Burwell and Reach Lodes (If lucky you may see Hen or Marsh Harriers over the nature reserve to your right). Turn left along the side of the lake to the bank of Reach Lode. Then turn left again to walk along river bank for 1.7km to a gate across the bank. Go through the gate and from this point you have the choice of three routes back to your starting point.

Route 1

Continue along the river bank for 1.7km to the village of Reach, at the edge of the village go through the right hand set of metal kissing gates ahead of you. Walk through the trees to the road and follow the road ahead of you to the village green (Dykes End public house). From here take the road on the east side of the green (Burwell road) for 1.2km to the junction with the Weirs road (small triangular junction after double bend). Turn left to follow this road for 1.6km beside New Woods and river to a road bridge on your right (Hythe Lane). Go through the gate 100m ahead of you to follow the river bank path for 450m to a second bridge (Anchor Lane) cross the bridge to return to the Anchor.

Route 2

Walk down the bank to a gate in the field below you and go through the gate. Follow the path for 750m across the field towards an old barn ahead of you go through a gate and continue for 20m to the drove coming from your right. Turn left along drove for 200m to a gate on your right. Go through this gate to walk along a path for 450m to the river bank. Climb the bank to yet another gate to turn right for 175m to the footbridge and Cock Up bridge. Then continue along the river bank for 2.7km back to the Anchor.

Route 3

Go down the bank to concrete road to your left. Follow the road for 2.55km to the junction with the Weirs road. Turn left along road to follow river for 1.2km to bridge at Hythe Lane. Go through the gate 100m ahead of you and follow the river bank for 450m to the Anchor Lane bridge and cross to return to you starting point.

Hope you enjoyed the walk whichever route you took