Walk past 100 Acre Farm



Starting from the Anchor turn left and walk along North Street to Dysons Drove. Turn left into Dysons Drove. On reaching the river cross the bridge and turn right to walk along the river side (river on your right) to Judy’s Hole. Keeping the river on your right continue along the bank side as the catch water drain passes behind the Broads Industrial units and sewage works to the junction with First drove (Cold Store Road). Turn left to follow the drove for 1km to Nut tree farm. Once you reach the farm follow the path to the left hand side of a wire fence for 200m to the river side. At the river side turn left to cross a stile to follow the river for 750m (passing 100 Acre Farm) to another stile and then a farm bridge over the river. Turn left onto track to your left passing a barn and pylon as you go. After 340m the track turns right along the edge of the grassland on your right. 200m along the path is a narrow foot bridge over the ditch to your left.

At this stage you have the choice of two routes home. The walk can be shortened by crossing the bridge and then walking across the middle of the field (this is a public footpath) to head for the left hand side of the old brick pits. Once across the field take the indistinct path along a ditch running beside the old pits. This path meets up with Factory road about 100m from the cottages to your right. On reaching the road turn left to walk along the road back to Burwell.

The longer walk continues from the foot bridge by keeping to the track for 1.25km, (wild ponies usually in the field to your right). Go through the gate at the end of the track and turn left onto a rough drove. After 450m the drove meets up with Factory Road (Dysons Drove), this can be taken for your return to Burwell .( approx 2.6km). Or continue ahead for 250m to the cock up bridge ahead of you. At the river bank turn right for 50m to a foot bridge. There are good views across the fen grasslands from the bridge and chances to spot Roe or Muntjac deer, and Kestrels or owl patrolling the grassland. Once over the bridge turn left along the river bank for the 2.7km walk back to the Anchor.

Directions and distances are for guidance only please check your route and enjoy the walk