Why not join us for a walk in 2024…..

We meet every Sunday, at 10 a.m, for a walk of about 5 to 6 miles, taking about 3 hours. For those that prefer a later start, we also have an 11 a.m. departure group that departs from the same location, normally for a shorter walk of 3 to 4 miles. Currently this is the Burwell Ex Service & Social Club, although this may change from time to time, so if you are a new walker, please send us a message on the contact page and we will confirm the departure point. This is not a formal rambling club, there are no membership fees, just an invitation for anyone, young or old to join us for a chat, and get some exercise and fresh air, finishing back at our starting point…. We have been going since 1996, and find it hard to believe that this year, 2024 is our 28th year……!

The original concept, which hasn’t changed, is to encourage people to take a walk in their local countryside, enjoy a social chat, and at the same time learn a little about the local flora and fauna, but all in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Over the years, we’ve never ceased to be amazed at the variety of wildlife that exists right here on our doorstep in Burwell. Birds such as the Marsh Harrier, the Short Eared Owl, also Roe and Muntjac deer, foxes and a fantastic variety of wild flowers, many only found in this area. All this in the flat boring fens?