Starting from the Anchor car park cross the bridge 60m to your left and then turn left again along the riverbank. Follow the river for 450m to a gate by the recreation ground. Go through the gate and join the Weirs road 100m ahead of you. Carry on along the riverside road (Watch out for Kingfishers and Woodpeckers as you go) for 1.6km to the junction with Reach road. Turn left towards Burwell for 300m to a signed path (Devils Dyke walk) on your right. Follow this path for 1km to the Devils Dyke and then take the path up the bank (good views across the fens to your right and ahead to the Swaffhams and on towards Cambridge).

Turn left along the bank top path for 100m to the old railway cuttings.  And then up the other side to follow the path for 650m to the Swaffham road (B1102).  Cross the road and rejoin the bank top path. On this part of the Dyke most of the bushes and trees have now been cleared to turn the dyke back to grassland. Keep to the bank top path for 1.25k to a path going down the bank to your left to a hedge (near a power line post). Now follow the hedge side path for 900m to Heath road. Turn left along the road for the 1.4km walk back to Burwell.

On reaching the main road turn right for 50m to Reach road. Turn left to follow Reach road for 850 to a path opposite the Devils Dyke walk path of the outward journey. Take the path crossing the field to a power line pole and hedge 120m to your right. At the hedge cross the small footbridge and follow the ditch and power line for 200m. Cross another small footbridge and turn right. Keep to the field edge for 50m to then turn left for 150m and then left again for 200m to the edge of Priory woods. At Priory woods either follow the stream along the edge of the woods, or take one of the various paths through the woods to return to the Weirs road about 500m ahead.

Once you have reached the Weirs road turn right for the 1.1km walk back along the river side to Hythe lane. At Hythe lane either turn right along the lane for 300m to North street (Co-oP,Costcutters shop and the Fox) and then left for 500m back to the Anchor. Or carry on ahead for 100m to the gate 100m ahead. Then follow the river for 450m to the Anchor lane bridge. Cross the bridge to return to the starting point and that well deserved drink in the Anchor.

The route can be shortened by taking the High street and then the Causeway once you have returned to Burwell via Heath Road or by turning left along Swaffham Road  once you reach the road from the Dyke


Distances and directions are for guidance only

Please check your route and enjoy the walk


© Trevor fuller