A Sunday stroll around Bad Kreuznach - October 2007

A Bad Kreuznach Sunday Stroll

Our walk started unusually today, with a taxi ride into Bad Kreuznach, a distance of about 4km. Once we all arrived in town Uli led us along some side streets into the old town. This part of the town used to be a tannery area but the old warehouses are no longer in use, some being converted into housing. Emerging from the side streets onto Mannheimer Strasse we made our way down the road to cross a bridge over one arm of the river Nahe. As we crossed the bridge you have a good view of the riverside church with its onion shaped tower. Keeping to Mannheimer Strasse we made our way to the bridge over the second arm of the river. Uli pointed out the old 16 century Swedish cannonball embedded in the front of one of the bridge houses (now shops)

Continuing down the street we made our way to the market square in front of the modern town hall. As you enter the square you pass a circular fountain with its sculptures at the centre. Across the square in front of the town hall are some statues meant to represent the market folk of old. Then taking a road along the right-hand side of the town hall we headed for the riverside.

Passing a riverside bar we followed the river to the left. As we walked along, the bells of the church on the opposite bank rang with a deep resounding note. Continuing along the picturesque riverside we made our way to a footbridge. Crossing the bridge we followed a road to the left to pass some coffee bars, shops and hotels to emerge in front of a very grand hotel set at the edge of a park on the island formed by the two arms of the river. Walking along the front of the hotel we passed the bandstand and marble dance floor and on in to the park. Following one of the path’s we headed for the visitor centre come coffee bar at the point of the island. The area around the centre is paved and beset with benches for you to admire the view. To one side of the headland is set a large cross with the town and area’s crests set in the pavement in front of the cross. With settings like this it is easy to see why the local people stroll around the town on a Sunday. Is this what we lost with our Sunday trading! They seem to have the right idea.

As we walked back to the footbridge to cross the river cutting, we met Michael our guide of yesterday out on his bike with his dog. After exchanging greetings and a short chat we continued along the riverside. With the river to our right we made our way to another footbridge to cross the river again. The river now to the left we made our way along Nachtigallenweg for about 1km to a road bridge. Crossing the road and keeping the river to our left we passed the kayak slalom training course to enter the Salinental (Salt Valley) . The Salintal is an ancient saltworks, set in parkland, containing a series of giant wooden structures up to 8m high and up to 200m in length filled with brush wood filters. Water is pumped from underground to the top of the structure, to then fall through the brush wood to give off a fine saline spray which is reputed to be good for your health as you inhale the spray.

As we wandered around through the Salinental you could not help noticing the number of families out leisurely strolling around.

Walking through the park we made our way to the road at the back of the park. Catching a bus we rode the 25km back into the town centre. Getting off the bus near the railway station we made our way along the streets towards the town centre, stopping for some lunch at a road side coffee bar, Zeit Geist. After our lunch we made our way back to Mannheimer Strasse to wander past more roadside bars, coffee houses and shops to end up back at the market square now with plenty of people sitting drinking coffee or a beer at the square side bars. Keeping to Mannheimer Strasse we re-crossed the two bridges over the river Nahe again. Once over the two bridges we took one of the side streets to the right to walk past the now converted old brewery building and on into another square at the side of another grand church. Taking one of the alleyways off the square we walked along the back streets. Passing another fountain with a sculpture meant to represent two wild boars tusks acting as the fountain we end up at a main road near where we started our walk. Uli then ordered some taxis to take us back to the Alle Nuene Hotel at Rudesheim. Back at the hotel we ended our walk in the usual tradition with a relaxing beer as we sat on the balcony.

Many thanks go to Uli for organizing the trip. He was kept busy all weekend as none us could speak German so he had to do all the talking then translate for us.

Once again thank you to Uli and Rowena

Trevor Fuller 2007