Following is a description of our 18 kms walk....completed in October 2008...

Nahe Valley Walk

Distance approximately 18 kms

Undertaken by Brian, Bob, Bob, Dave and Liz, George, John, Liz, Trevor, Ulli and Rowena and Michael


Our walk started from the outskirts of the village of Huffelsheim. Crossing the misty hilltop fields we made our towards the vineyards on Schmalberg. Walking through the vineyards we headed to a watchtower set on the hillside approximately 80m above the river Nahe. Looking down and along the river there was a sluice for producing hydro-electric power on a bend in the river to our right. Making our way along the edge of the vineyards we headed eastwards to Oberberg .

Following a vineyard track we gradually descended eastwards towards a road. Joining the road we passed the Brunnenhof vineyard as we walked down to Norheim. Once we entered Norheim we made our way underneath the railway line and through the narrow streets to head for the river. As we left the village we crossed an old mill channel and walked through a small park to reach the river. On reaching the river we stopped on a bridge to enjoy some schnapps from Michael who was acting as our guide. Crossing the bridge we followed the path across the fields with the multi coloured autumnal forest on the hillside to our right.

 As the path gradually turned northwards it joined a cycleway/path on the bed of an old railway line. With the path bending to the right the view of the Rotenfels gradually opened up ahead of us.

Once we reached the sports ground below the Rotenfels we stopped for another short break to regroup as we had split into three groups. Walking along the side of the sports ground we made our way back to the riverside. The Rotenfels was towering over 200m above us as we turned right along the river, (last year we were on the top looking down on the sports ground). Walking along the river we continued to admire the Rotenfels rock face as we strolled along.

Once past the sports fields we passed under the old railway as it bridged the river to make our way into Ebernburg. We stopped for break in the river side park with a burg (castle) on the hillside behind us. Now refreshed we made our way under another road and rail bridge and headed for a footbridge about 80m ahead. We crossed this bridge and were now in Bad Munster. With the river now on our right we entered a river side park with a giant sized waterwheel on the site of an old mill. As the river rounded a bend to head northwards again we passed beneath the Rheingrafenstein, a pinnacle of rock over 100m above us on the other side of the river.

We now had over 2km to follow the river to the Salinental on the outskirts of Bad Kreuznach. In the Salinental there are several giant brushwood filters up to 300m long and 10m high. Salt water from underground is pumped to the top of the structures to fall through the filters and give off a fine salty spray which is reputed to be good for you. Wandering through the Salinental park we came to the Salinen brucke (bridge).

From the bridge we now joined Nachtigallenweg for the 1-2km walk into Bad Kreuznach. Crossing a footbridge near the Thermal Bad (spa) we entered the town. Walking across Furstenhof-platz to turn left along Kurhaus Strasse to walk into the centre of town.

Once we reached the bridge houses on Mannheimer Strasse brucke we stopped for a well earned pint in a riverside bar below the bridge. After a refreshing drink and a delicious piece of onion tart, we made our way up to the bridge and turned left along Mannheimer Strasse to wander through the old town to Hoch Strasse. At this point Ulli ordered some taxis to take us back to Rudesheim. Once back at the Alle Neune we rounded off the walk in traditional fashion on the terrace with another pint or two (sounds better than 500 centilitres).

Thanks go to Michael for acting as our guide again this year and to his wife for taking me back to get my boots while everyone waited at the start. A special thank you to Ulli and Rowena for organizing the trip and to Ulli's mum and Manfred for their hospitality.

And finally a big thank you to Jurgen, Gisela and Melanie for once again making our stay at the Alle Neune very enjoyable and relaxing.