This is a description of the walk from Ruedesheim to Rotenfels, during our trip to Germany, October 2007

A Rotenfels (Red Rock) Ramble 

Undertaken by Bob, Bob, Brian, Chris, Dave and Liz, George, John,

Tony and Karen, Trevor, Uli and Rowena

Outside our hotel we were met by Uliís friend Michael, and his children Nico and Kira, who was going to act as our guide. Following the road to the right we made our way down to a small river. Crossing the bridge we made our way up the slope the other side to turn left onto a track in front of the entrance to a cemetery. Once we reached a road we turned right to walk along the road side path for about 500m to a track on the other side of the road. Following the track through the forest we made our way up the hillside towards the war cemetery and memorial about 800m ahead. You have to admire the settings and tranquillity of its position, it is so serene. Taking the track to the right just before the memorial we started to make our way up the slope. After roughly 200m the path climbs a very steep slope for about 200m, made even harder by the amount of acorns on the ground, to then level out and head out of the forest to a minor road. Turning right we followed the road till we reached the track on the left leading to the farms at Lahrerhof.

Passing through the farms the track heads back into the forest to turn right along the edge of the trees. After 500m the path bends round to the left to climb steadily through the trees. As we climbed steadily, seven of us had moved ahead of the rest of our party and were approximately 10 minutes ahead. Stopping for a short break near a right hand bend in the track, we waited for the other nine to catch up as Nico wanted to wait for his father to catch up. Setting off again we headed along the tracks to head for the telecommunications tower on the hill top. As we made our way we again became split into two groups. Michael led our group by the tower and across a road and on through the trees to end up close to the bar near the Rotenfels hill top. Where sitting on the grass for our lunch we waited for the others. Uli led the second group up past the tower to join and follow the road to the bar where we were waiting. The pear schnapps Michael shared with us certainly warmed you up.

Once we all had finished our sandwiches we set off to head for the Rotenfels cliff face about 400m ahead. The views from the cliff top are fantastic, looking down on Ebernburg, Bad Munster and over the hills beyond. Turning right we made our way along the cliff top stopping frequently to take photos and admire the views as we headed for the Bastei, a castellated viewing platform. From this vantage point you have views over Ebernberg below and to the right over the distant hills into France. Returning along the cliff top path we stopped for a group photo on top of one of the ridges. At this point we split into two groups for the return to the hotel.

Michael, Nico and Kira leading six of us away from cliff top and through the trees to pass behind the hill top bar to follow one of the many paths. Then following the road for a short distance before rejoining one of the paths to head for and follow the ridge top high above Bad Munster. You get some great views over the town from the various viewing areas along the path. Continuing along the path we headed for Bad Kreuznach. Descending a short but steep section we came to a viewing area overlooking the Salinental and park beside the river Nahe. Then turning away from ridge top we headed through the trees to pass through a vineyard to join a road.

Following the road to the left we made our way towards a bar. Then turning left we followed the road to turn right near what looked like a school. Now crossing a car park and keeping to a fieldís edge we joined another path going to the left. Keeping to this path we headed back towards the forest. On entering the forest we followed the path to pass by the war cemetery. Now taking one of the paths to the right we made our way down to the Huffelsheim road at the edge of Rudesheim. Walking along the side streets we made our way back to the hotel to find the other group had just got back.

The group led by Uli followed the forest paths to the left to join the Rotenfels road on the outskirts of Traisen. Walking through the village they then followed a road to the right for roughly 1km to the Huffelsheim road. Then, crossing the road to follow a path across the fields and though a vineyard to join a minor road on the outskirts of Rudesheim. As they crossed the fields they passed below a old bunker on the hill top, a relic of the cold war. Walking along the village streets they made their way back to the hotel.

Once we were all back at the hotel we all enjoyed a pint (sounds better than ∑5 of a litre) or two of Bitburger lager and reflected on a great days walk before we got ready for our wine tasting and evening meal.

Many thanks go to Michael Nico and Kira for acting as our guides.

Also many thanks go to Uli and Rowena for organizing the trip.

Approximate distances walked by Michaelís group 12-13 miles

And Uliís group 11-12 miles

Yes George. The Tortoises did beat the Hares, but only justÖÖ

©Trevor Fuller2007